Surviving the Dreaded Flu Pandemic / How to avoid the flu

A flu epidemic is always a possibility, especially with the seasonal flu. But flu pandemic is on a different level. It is a flu infection of global scale and often causes the death of millions of people. We have recorded 2 deadly flu pandemics, the 1918 Spanish Flu and the 2009 Swine Flu, both caused by the dreaded H1N1 flu virus. And medical scientists are expecting the same virus to strike once again in the future. So how do you prepare for the coming flu pandemic?

Hygiene and Cleanliness
It is important to remember that the H1N1 virus is just like any other strand of influenza virus when it comes to how it spreads to people. The virus is spread through touch and from the discharges (cough and sneeze) of people infected by it. So always remember to wash your hands before getting them to your face and to cover your mouth and nose when going around with other people.

Eat healthy
Boosting your immune system will increase your chance of being able to survive the flu pandemic. This is a great contingency plan since we are prone to making mistakes such as missing a chance to clean our hands when we are busy doing things. Although healthy people still get infected by the flu virus that causes pandemics, they also have a much better chance of getting better than the unhealthy ones.

Avoid hospitals and clinics
If you have not gotten the flu virus then there is no need to go to clinics and hospitals that are filled with sick people. These places are exposed to the flu virus thanks to the hundreds and thousands of infected people going there to get a cure. The only exception for this is when you need to have a love one examined by a doctor. But be sure to wear protective masked when you go to hospitals and clinics.

Have a stock of supplies
Pandemics normally cause people to go on a panic buying. So when you see the signs of a flu pandemic start shopping for supplies and buy lots of them. Food, clean water, tools and other essentials must be prioritized early on before the chaos starts. When the panic begins you will not be among the crowd of people competing for supplies which can lead to violence.

Stay indoors
When you stock pile supplies be sure that you have enough to prevent you from going out to buy more. Getting exposed to other people during a flu pandemic is a sure way to get infected. So avoid going out of your house if you can. If that is not possible then you have to avoid other people when you go out.

These are the things that you have to do to survive the coming flu pandemic. And this information is based on experiences of people who have experienced and survived the previous flu pandemics. So have a hard copy of this list so when you see news of a possible pandemic waiting to happen you are well prepared for it.