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This website is dedicated to help you in preparing for the seasonal flu this coming 2013 and for any possible flu pandemic heading our way. So in flu2013.com expect to learn more about influenza, the common ailment popularly referred to as the flu.

We seek to provide you the information that you will need to help you fight against one of the world’s most common and potentially fatal disease. And we believe this can be achieved by posting articles that provides information on the main cause of flu, the common symptoms to help you detect flu in its early stage and the remedies that are both natural and medically proven to work against it. We believe in options, whether it comes from traditional modern medical remedies to alternative medicines that do not require drugs.

And we at flu2013.com also know about the importance of knowing everything there is to know about the flu and the virus that causes it. This will give you a much more comprehensive understanding on how you can prevent the flu virus from reaching you and how to make your body healthy enough to keep the disease at bay. We believe that prevention is always better than the cure.


We also understand the importance of reliable information. That is why we also provide unbiased articles about flu vaccines. This will allow you, our readers, to fully evaluate the significance of the flu shot and not just blindly follow one-sided vaccine propaganda meant to ensure the profit of pharmaceutical companies.

Children and flu

We also expect the parents to be in search of information about flu and children. And this is to be expected after the alarming number of children who died during the Swine Flu pandemic of 2009. So we are also providing helpful articles on how kids can be protected from the flu virus when they still do not have an immune system as capable as that of adults.

Up to date

We at flu2013.com will also continue to update and improve the flu information that we are posting to make them relevant as time passes. We know that there is an ongoing medical science endeavor to create a much more powerful flu vaccine to prevent deadly pandemics such as the Spanish Flu and the Swine Flu. Hopefully, once this weapon against the flu is realized we would be able to share such great news to you.

I hope you do find all the things that you need to know about the flu upon your visit here in flu2013.com. As the websites name implies, we are getting people prepared to the coming flu season in 2013. And with you we hope that it will not be the year for another flu pandemic that could cost millions of lives.

Once again, welcome to flu2013.com. Feel free to read all our articles about flu and get all the information you need to understand and effectively combat this common and dreaded disease. If you happen to be looking for information on cough and cough medicine, please feel free to visit our best cough medicine site.