Knowing More About Flu and The Common Cold Online

The flu and the common cold are the most talked about ailments every year. This is due to the fact they are very common and that they can really slow you down and even get you hospitalized. And as recent events have revealed to us, the flu is now a health concern due to the fatalities it caused. And the common cold, which is one of the main symptoms of flu, also became an area of concern.

Today there is a lot of interest on these 2 common ailments. People are now looking for information about the flu and common cold. And they do this online thanks to the World Wide Web. To help you narrow down your search on the most trusted websites about the flu and common cold here is a list of websites that give the most comprehensive information about these common ailments.

The website is a place where you can learn about common ailments and diseases that you will experience in our lifetime and the treatments that we can avail to make you healthy once again. You can search the website for information about flu and common cold. You can also learn about remedies found in your own home to deal with these ailments. is the website of the American Lung Association, an organization that promotes lung health. And their website contains detailed information about the common ailments that affect the respiratory system. You can check the site’s resources under influenza page and it will tell you all about the common cold. In the influenza (flu’s complete medical name) page you can read how to prevent flu and how to spot it from the symptoms.

Flu and cold can lead to serious complications when the afflicted person is a child. And offers great information on flu and cold that afflict the kids and what parents can do to safely treat these 2 common ailments.

The Center for Disease Control is the government agency that seeks to prevent diseases and other health concerns to spread to the public and to provide measures in case of an epidemic. To help in this endeavor, the was created to provide information to the public for diseases such as influenza (flu) and cold. You can find tried and proven methods on dealing with flu and cold in but information is limited to actual remedies doctors provide. is a government sponsored website that focuses on providing relevant information about influenza. The site focuses on symptoms, treatments and the time of the year when flu is rampant (the seasonal flu). Like the CDC, offers scientifically proven ways to deal with flu.

These are the websites we recommend that offer everything that you need to know about the flu and common cold.